Waste Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Swiming Pool Equipment Filtration and separation Technology


  Quality Product
  Excellent Service And Technical
  Expertise are only reason for our succes


  PT. Anpress Pramesti
  PT. Beta Pramesti
  PT. Intimekanika Prima
  PT. Primantar Persada
  UD. Rapi Cipta Fabricator
  PT. Sarana Rapi Pak
  PT. Rapi Sentra
  PT. Rapi Cipta Indah


  Aquarius Australia
               Process Consultant Design
               Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment
  Exearne Australia
               Project Engineering Design Electrical,
               Mechanical Instrument
  Door Oliver Australia
               Engineering Design Water Treatment

  Dow Chemical Company U.S.A.
               Procces & Design Engineering for Ion Exchanger as
               Water Softener
               Deminerilizer Plant
               Mixed Bed
               Reverse Osmosis

   Anderson & Associated Australia
               Procces & Design Engineering for Dust Control, Fume Control
   Whololan, Grill, Fraser, Port & Harbour Australia
               Consultant & Desugn Engineering for Construction

   Overseas Experts Support

   Aquarius                       : Louis Adolp Danau  (Australia)
   Exearne                        : DT Kennedy (Australia)
  : DW Bass      (Australia)
  : MP Kennedy   (Australia)
   Door Oliver  : B James Reid    (Australia)
   Dow Chemical : Kai Uwe Hoehn   (Australia)
  : Kiati Pong Techavachara (Thailand)


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